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Addey Vaters

What makes up a person? Too many things to count, but here are some of those uncountable things.

Although I said in my subtitle that there are too many things that make up a person to count, I am going to count a few things here. That is, perhaps, the first thing about me: I am, at times, a walking contradiction.

The second thing, then, is that I like to write. Obviously, since I am writing this, and since I have written numerous articles about writing. I like writing and talking about the written word — writers and readers are truly magical.

A third thing on the list about myself is that I like connectedness. As I mentioned…

To beta read, or not to beta read, that is the question

Oh, beta readers. If you’re a writer in the midst of writing and editing a novel, you’re probably quite familiar with the term. It’s the idea that you need a second group of people to read through your book — your beta readers — after you’ve finished writing said book. Ideally, beta readers are the type of readers who would actually read your book, not just any run-of-the-mill reader you can pick up off the street. This means that if you write fantasy and your mom reads romance, she might not be the best beta reader for the job. …

Poetry is not fiction, so don’t treat the two forms the same.

I read a decent amount of poetry. My love for this creative form of writing started in high school and has only blossomed since my teenage years. In college, I studied classical literature extensively, finding certain poets to fall in love with and others who I believed were overrated (perhaps another topic for another day.) I took many creative writing classes in college, too, and began to try my hand at poetry again and again, despite my feelings that I was never quite as good at writing in this dramatically shorter form as my classmates.

Then, my senior year of…

I finally started using the plethora of journals I’d gathered over the years when I let myself write whatever I want.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen my fair share of articles about journaling on Medium and elsewhere over the years. It seems that most articles about journaling argue for structure — there are multitudes of articles out there about bullet journaling and hundreds of journaling prompts that will help you write for thirty minutes every single day.

And yet, there are people struggling to start a journaling habit, acquiring stacks of pretty notebooks whenever they stumble across a cute gift shop and some crisp, lined paper.

For the longest time, I was one of those people. I kept…


A memory.

My parents took us on a trip to the Las Vegas of Tennessee — Gatlinburg — on another occasion. We had to drive a mere four hours this time. Piece. Of. Cake. We went to Gatlinburg.

We stayed in a hotel that was a little sketchy. And by sketchy, I just mean old. But old in that strange flashy way that reminds you of the seventies (not that my fifth-grade-old mind had a true grasp of the seventies) mixed with dust and a few randomly modern upgrades. It had leopard carpet and velvet curtains and a swamp-like hot…

Is pitching your novel — online or in-person — a worthwhile endeavor?

If you’ve written a novel, you’re probably familiar with something that all writers dread: the pitch. Summing up a novel you’ve spent countless hours revising, proofreading, and developing in a sentence or two logline is hard enough, but pitching said novel and logline to a literary agent or editor is terrifying. Sure, there could be an amazing outcome, but what if there isn’t? We all want to think of the best, but what happens if we fumble over our words, fudge the word count unintentionally, or forget our main character’s name?

Querying a literary agent is hard enough, but pitching…

Friends drifting apart is a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to handle.

The pandemic has been hard on relationships. Whether you’ve started to realize you don’t align with your friends on certain values, you’ve struggled to find outings that both you and your friends feel comfortable participating in, or you’ve simply lost touch as the past year and a half has dragged on, COVID has not been easy on friendships. Casual friendships have all but disappeared for many, leaving only the strongest of friendships intact, but for some, that is not even the case.

I’ve been deeply saddened by the loss of some of my own friendships over the course of the…

You probably can, but it takes a lot of work and some stick-to-itivness.

If you’re like 41% of Americans, you probably listen to your favorite podcast at least once a month (or more, if you’re like me.) That’s about 116 million Americans who tune in to the new talk radio format that allows you to listen to your favorite creators whenever, and wherever, you want by simply downloading an app on the phone that’s already in your pocket.

When I first suggested to the other editors of borrowed solace, the literary journal where I am co-founder and poetry editor, that we start a podcast, I was met with a bit of skepticism. How…

Microsoft, Apple, and Google were all founded by friends so it can be done, but there’s a right way to do it

In 2017, my college friends and I were set to graduate and go our separate ways. The end of our last school year loomed (well, at least for those of us who chose not to tackle graduate school at the time). We were all hanging on for dear life to the last few meetings of the Writer’s Guild, a writing club we had all started together on campus. These club meetings would be the last couple of times we were able to solely focus on creativity and bouncing ideas off of one another.

We knew our lives were going to…

…and it wasn’t on Medium

I finally know the feeling of having an article go viral on the world wide web!
The article in question didn’t go viral on Medium, however, it went viral on the oft-written about local news site, Newsbreak.

Let’s rewind back to the beginning of 2021. I wasn’t selected for Newsbreak’s amazing creator program promising writers $1,000 per month that everyone was raving about. I applied practically the first time I saw mention of the opportunity here on Medium, only to be disappointed when I got the rejection email a few days later. But I’m a writer, so I was (and…

Addey Vaters

Lover of cats and drinker of tea. Poetry editor & podcast host at borrowed solace. Words in Adroit Journal, Vita Brevis, & others.

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